New Year & a Joyful Tuesday

It is a new year. THANK GOD. Last year had some good moments for sure, but it was honestly a very hard year for me on many levels. I experienced way more “oh crap” moments than I would have liked. Financially. Emotionally. Physically. 

This year I have decided to set the bar high as far as my overall joy is concerned. The reason being is that circumstances are ALWAYS going to change, whether I like it or not. But JOY doesn’t have to change. Joy is something found in something deeper which ultimately comes from my relationship with God. I’ve decided on 3 practical ways that I can focus my attention on joyful things: 

  1. Spend time in prayer and reading each morning for 30 minutes. For some of you that may seem like a really long time. Maybe for you it could be just starting out with 5 minutes, but for me I determined I needed to be spending a lot more time in this meditative state. I’ve been setting my alarm about an hour before I normally would wake up to ensure I have enough time to brew some coffee (important step for me) and sit down to focus. 

  2. Every Monday send encouraging messages to at least 3 people. For me I started doing this to take the focus off of me because I need the reminder that life REALLY isn’t all about me. It is so funny how focusing on others actually brings YOU so much joy.

  3. Medicate myself with laughter. I really believe that laughter is the best medicine. I want to watch funny shows, surround myself with hilarious friends, and listen to funny podcasts. I want to follow more accounts online that make me laugh instead of make me fall into the comparison game or political conversation spirals. And in return, I want to make other people laugh. Laughing causes me to focus on the positive and to live life more joyfully.

New year new me. Now let’s go and have a joyful Tuesday.